Over the years, Building Strategies has established itself as a benchmark for companies and entrepreneurs who wish to purchase or lease industrial plants or commercial and business premises.

As a collector of requests for real estate, Building Strategies receives many requests every month: it is committed to fulfilling them quickly and efficiently, thanks to a wise combination of supply and demand.

When a new request for a property is received, Building Strategies's professionals develop a list of proposals that is shown in detail to the customer, and then analysed according to the specific needs of each case. The on-site visit phase can begin only after this preliminary phase, which is very useful to understand the actual needs of the company’s entrepreneur.

Once the property of interest has been found, Building Strategies constantly supports buyers during negotiations and the drafting of the agreement, thanks to synergies with the best professionals in the legal and fiscal field.

For further details on the current real estate requests available, please call us on +39.0521.245256 or contact us at the following e-mail address: