• Building Strategies - Pet Village

An entrepreneur, who owns a plot of land that can be built on for commercial use, asked Building Strategies to develop a concept that would allow the enhancement of the properties to be built. The original Pet Village & Park concept has been developed based on the location of the plot of land - overlooking the via Aemilia road, close to a small regional natural park and surrounded by agricultural areas, with stables and riding schools.

Pet Village & Park is a Business Park specialised in products and services for the Pet sector, combined with a natural park dedicated to fauna. Pet Village & Park aims to integrate land and private properties with public land and facilities that already partly exist. Pet Village extends over 7,000 covered sq. m. in an area of 40,000 sq. m. of direct relevance. All activities are included in a Village context, featuring a perfect route of arcades, accessible to the public and pets.

Business activities have at their disposal centralised common services, parking spaces and diversified catering services, which are naturally integrated with a large veterinary hospital offering health and aesthetic services. Pet Village also hosts cultural events, exhibitions and presentations related to the animal world, shows and musical events, as well as training activities for both operators and the most demanding customers. Pet Village particularly focuses on children with dedicated amusement and fun areas where they can interact with the magical animal world and carry out Pet Therapy activities.

The area of the Park extends over several tens of acres, which partially feature equipped paths, animal walking paths, riding schools, lakes, eco-friendly areas, as well as running and cycling lanes covering many kilometres. The complex is situated in the proximity of the new A1 motorway exit Terre di Canossa/Campegine, which means it is located in one of the most interesting European locations in terms of income and population density (1 hour isochronous includes the whole Emilia region plus Mantua, Verona and Cremona).

Below are some services offered at Pet Village, divided according to areas of expertise:
Shopping: maxi store, sale of aquariums-fish-turtles, accessories for horses, exotic animals and pets, bird shop, clothing for animals, hunting and fishing store, accessories and costume jewelry, newsagent and specialised bookshop.
Catering: restaurant also accessible to animals, restaurant not accessible to animals, bar, bar with garden.
Entertainment: walking areas, club house, service offices, exhibition and show areas, executive headquarters, playground, relaxation areas.
Veterinary Area: veterinary clinic, radiology, emergency unit, pet therapy, pet care, grooming, rooming and boarding, training, breeding, education, cemetery.

The project is currently in the fund raising stage.