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Building Strategies entrusted its professionals to find a business space suitable for setting up a temporary office centre. The activity would have been affiliated to Ufficiarredati.it, a well-known brand of temporary offices which has approximately 70 affiliates throughout Italy.
Investors chose Parma both for its strategic position and lack of a similar initiative in the local area. The specific requirements for this search were a location on a main street, good visibility, a surface between 1,500 and 2,500 sq. m. and the opportunity to adapt the sites to offices with different dimensions.
In just a few weeks, the most suitable location was found: a production warehouse turned into a business centre, which was formerly divided into different units, located on the Via Aemilia East road. Building Strategies not only looked after all aspects of negotiations but also followed the Business Centre during the planning and implementation stages, thus allocating 60 offices and 5 large conference halls.
Moreover, Building Strategies supported the staff at the Business Centre during both the inauguration and the start of the activity, thanks to its knowledge of territory and of the real estate market of the Parma area.