• Building Strategies - Grenti Business Centre

A real estate Company, owner of 49.000 sq. m. land with a 12,000 sq. m. total ULS, commissioned Building Strategies to assist it in the creation of an Urban Implementation Plan that includes a new business, residential and commercial centre, and in the subsequent marketing of the properties that will be built. The Company decided to entrust Building Strategies to assist it in implementing the project, as well as the marketing of the housing units to be built.

The professional assistance project is divided into three steps, commissioned to two companies - the strategic consulting company Touch Point Srl and the brokerage company Immobiliare d’Impresa Srl - which are both coordinated under the Building Strategies brand for real estate development projects.

The first step, already carried out, involved:

• Analysis of the territorial and urban context, road network and user base of the different hypothetical functions.
• Identification of the Concept: Building Strategies was required to find the creative subject, aimed at defining the identity, structure and all the unique elements of the project as a whole. The Concept also provides the guidelines for the design and, at the same time, it is the most important marketing mix element of the business offer.

The second step will see the implementation of the Project and will be structured as follows:

• Elaboration of a Business Plan that will allow the financial aspect of the intervention to be programmed in the best possible way, with optimal timing.
• Building Strategies will collaborate with the designers to define the layout, roads, dimensions of the key features (namely, the most attractive buildings of the whole complex), and will analyse the issues that could slow down the development of the project and the impact of competitor offers. It will also help to simplify obtaining authorisations and will cooperate with the technicians of the property in order to assess the technical and economic feasibilty.

The first and second step are managed by the consulting company Touch Point.

The third marketing step has been commissioned to Immobiliare d'Impresa and involves:

• The selection of business partners that can contribute in the best possible way to the commercial success of the project and the identification of potentially interested customers.
• The management and conclusion of transfer or rent negotiations.