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An important Company is the owner of a vast industrial complex - 33,000 covered sq. m. on an area of approximately 30 acres - to the south of Parma. It is an important production site, now disused, for the processing and packaging of food products. Half of the area is for industrial use and the other half is for farming use. The Company wants to put all the areas into disuse.

This task raised several critical issues. As a matter of fact, in addition to the market economy that features an oversupply of industrial buildings and a very poor demand for huge buildings, it is necessary to consider that the area south of Parma is characterised by a pleasant foothill landscape, surrounded by greenery, which badly combines with large industrial settlements. Moreover, in recent years, the Public Administration has chosen to concentrate the new industrial activities in the north of the city, near the motorway exits.

Hence, Building Strategies has developed, along with an important architectural firm, a real estate restructuring project, following the example of similar projects implemented in Northern Europe. The defined concept does not involve large industrial settlements but single and multi-family residential units with large private gardens, small shops and arts and crafts businesses, sport facilities, all within a huge green area, completely re-naturalised. The new complex will comply with territorial values, will not increase built-up areas (but will reduce them), will be very efficient in terms of energy and water consumption, will involve an integrated waste disposal cycle, and will stand out for the reduced amount of road traffic.

In the first phase, already carried out, Building Strategies, through its consulting company Touch Point, has:
• Analysed the territorial, urban and vocational context of the area.
• Identified the alternatives that can adequately enhance the property complex.
• Prepared, along with its partners, the explicatory document of the project, which has already been presented to the Public Administration, and started procedures for its approval.

Once it has obtained the required authorisations, Building Strategies will provide marketing support fre the implementation of the project and will assist the property with its funding. Finally, Building Strategies will be in charge of marketing the real estate units.