• Building Strategies - Pet food

Arcaplanet, a dynamic company operating in the pet-food field with 55 sales outlets in Italy that has experienced a great expansion over the last 10 years, entrusted Building Strategies to analyse the real estate offer in the cities of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia, with the aim of setting up new stores in the Emilia region. The search focused on 400 to 800 sq. m. buildings, with great visibility and parking availability.

Building Strategies, through its own selection and classification tools, identified several locations, from which the customer chose the most suitable solution. Building Strategies supported Arcaplanet for the management of contracts and urban and administrative issues, including authorisations (licences, fire prevention, local health units, etc.).

The sales outlet in Reggio Emilia is already in operation and more stores will open soon in the Emilia region.