About us

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Immobiliare d'Impresa Srl, with its Building Strategies brand, provides assistance during the purchase, handover and re-conversion of corporate real estate, and with real estate development projects.

Building Strategies mainly targets companies and entrepreneurs looking for spaces where they can develop their industrial and commercial activities.

Their customers include several companies in the modern distribution field (large-scale retail trade and franchising). Moreover, it boasts a considerable number of private and istitutional investors (real estate investment funds).

With regard to offers, Building Strategies' customers are mostly entrepreneurs and investors interested in divesting, making profits or re-converting estate assets which are no longer strategic or are no longer part of the company’s production cycle.

Building Strategies focuses its activity on properties for artisan, industrial, commercial, business, residential/entertainment use, and boasts significant experience regarding consulting projects and strategic marketing for important real estate development programmes.

Among the main services offered by Building Strategies, we point out the following:

  • Search for properties to be purchased or rented
  • Transferring real estate, or making it profitable
  • Finding the best marketing strategies for sale or rental
  • Finding the best financial and fiscal strategies for the transaction
  • Analysis of georeferencing, urban and technical aspects, user bases, logistic features and road network
  • Assistance with technical, urban, legal and financial issues during preliminary and definitive contract phases
  • Appraisals, estimates, cadastral procedures and construction compliance